Project Settings
Once you have the application settings adjusted to your liking, you can create your first Project.  This is a simple matter of assigning a unique Job Number and entering some descriptive information about the project.

There is no arbitrary limit on the number of projects that you can have active at any time - it's constrained only by the available storage space on your iPad and your willingness to deal with very long selection lists.

Next, establish any other unique attributes or settings you want to have in effect for the project:
  • Personnel - the list of employees who may participate in working the job over the duration of the Project.
  • Contractors & Vendors - the list of third-party resources who may provide equipment and services to the job.
  • Labor & Equipment - any specialized contract labor or equipment that may be applied to the job.
  • Forms Settings - any unique scheduling, content and distribution requirements of the forms and reports you will prepare for the job.
At this point you're ready to go!

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