Master Lists and Project Lists
For most Resources, the app lets you maintain two kinds of "lists" - Master lists and Projects lists.

Resources that you put in Master lists are available to assign to and reference in all Projects.  You'll likely end up with most of your company Personnel and many, if not all, of your Contractors and Vendors contained in Master lists.

When you set up a Project, you will typically selectively assign people and resources from their respective Master lists to the Project.  You make these selective assignments because the Master lists can get very long.  This helps you pare down the lists of resources you need to deal with when you're filling out forms and reports for the individual Projects.  More importantly, this mechanism helps ensure that you don't inadvertently send a form to a recipient who is not associated with the project - you don't, for example, want the wrong subcontractor to see cost information that might be contained in an Extra Work form or an RFI.

Master lists are maintained explicitly in the application.  You're in charge of managing them using the Master Settings section of the application.  If you "delete" the assignment of a Master list resource from a Project, that resource is still in the Master list and still available to be assigned to other Projects.  To remove a Master list resource, you must do it under the Master Settings section.

Project lists, on the other hand, are maintained implicitly by the application.  This happens when you're setting up a Project or filling out a form and you want to refer to a resource (e.g. a specialized piece of equipment) that you don't really want to put in the Master list because it's only going to be used for one or two currently active Projects.  These project-specific resource records are created on-the-fly at the time they're assigned to a Project.  They can be also be assigned to other active Projects, but they disappear from the application when the last Project that uses them is deactivated.

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