The "app" is easy to use.  You can jump straight in and learn as you go.  But spending a bit of time up-front can help get you up and running more quickly and effectively.

Construction Superintendent - JOURNEYMAN Edition is a self-contained application.  You don't need to be continuously connected to a data network to use it.  The application stores all your project related information on your iPad.  All the forms and reports that you create are saved on your iPad and can be distributed as PDF documents via e-Mail when you do connect to a Cellular ("3G") or Wi-Fi data network.  You'll need to have your e-Mail account set up and working on your iPad in order to submit forms to their various recipients.

Basic Application Constructs
The application deals with three simple concepts:  Projects, Resources and Forms.

are just what you'd expect - they are the construction jobs that you are tracking and managing.  The app allows you to set up any number of Projects and easily switch among them when gathering information and submitting Forms.

are the people and equipment involved in performing the Project work.  These include: your company Personnel, Vendors, Contract Labor and Equipment.  The app lets you build and maintain lists of these resources so you don't have to type them in each time you reference them in the Forms.

are ultimately what you're using the app to create and distribute - getting your paperwork submitted more accurately and quickly.  Currently, the app helps you with the following forms and reports:
  • Daily Logs
  • Safety Inspections
  • Extra Work quotations/authorizations
  • Requests for Information
  • Personnel Time Sheets

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