Better Site Management through Mobile Technology
Too often there is not a process in place to ensure that critical project information from the field is communicated to office personnel in a timely manner.  Superintendents who gather the information in the field need an easy and effective way to deliver it to the appropriate personnel in the office.  Construction Superintendent streamlines the process of gathering and reporting data from a construction site to the main office.

Forms and Reports
We have identified a number of forms and reports that capture and deliver field management information that is common to most construction projects:
Tracking and Scheduling Tools
With every project you run, you're faced with timelines and due dates to submit your paperwork.  When you're running several projects at the same time, those requirements are multiplied.  The Construction Superintendent application helps you stay on top of the situation with a number of management assistance tools, including:
The Construction Superintendent application for iPad provides a single instrument to record and submit these key field management forms and reports and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.
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